Thursday, October 1, 2009

SaSha M topiic sentence

The princess values herself and who she loves, she wants to keep her love but she does not want anyone else to have him.


In the story "The Lady or The Tiger" the kings daughter the princess, fell madly in love with a man. The king did not approve of his daughters affairs with this man, the man ended up on trial he was to pick one door out of two depending on which one he picked would decide his Fiat, behind one of the doors there is a dangerous tiger and behind the other door is a beautiful woman, the princess is very unhappy because she doesn't want him to die but she doesn't want to see him Marie another woman except her.

What i learned:
I learned that what you first right can be fixed and model into a better sentence or whatever you are writing. I also learned that it is acceptable to use detail.


  1. i would say just add more information to it, less then mine but a bit more then yours then explain it more, other then that i would say you've got it :)

  2. It sounds like you understand what was going on with the princess and i agree with what you said.

  3. MUCH better, this is a great topic sentence, much much better, I think that this leaves the reader questioning and wondering and wanting to read more... Great job Sasha