Thursday, October 1, 2009


In the story, " the lady and the tiger" by Frank Stockton the Princess has the most difficult decision, and with this decision comes with a result of what she most values. I believe that the princess most values herself because she does not put in references showing she cares in if the man dies, but she does not show that she could not stand the other maiden in the other door. Showing she does not care what happens to her love.

In the story, " the lady and the tiger" by Frank Stockton, the Princess chooses between saving her lover's life or letting him die. The truth lies in the hands of the Princess, does she choose putting herself before him and letting him die, or will she show her love for him and let him live? Soon will be decided.

I learned that i don't necessarily need to have a LONG topic sentence. It doesn't matter with the length of it, because it just needs to have the right length of information, not always just the information of the whole story, I now know that I don't summarize things in the topic sentence just the gist of it.


  1. Good job. You backed up your answer with good information. You showed that you read the story and understand what happened in it.

  2. i liked how you explained the story in this but you gots to remember this is a topic sentence so try not to tell the whole story in the first sentence that way you can get into more detail as you continue writting