Thursday, October 1, 2009


In the "Lady or the Tiger" by Frank Stocton, the princess most values love because she cares about her lover and wants him to be happy and not any harm wished upon him.

Revised: The princess most values love because she cares about her love, and if any harm was wished upon him she would be devastated because when you truly love someone you would rather them be happy than dead.

I learned that a topic sentence is not supposed to summarize the story, and that you don't want to just state what the paragraph is about, you want to add detail, thoughts, and feelings.


  1. nice :) but which one comes out of the door?

  2. I think that you could make yours a complex sentence instead of a simple sentence.

  3. I kinda agree with the sentence because she does care about her lover and hopefully doesn't want him to be in any harm but would she rather give him up to another women she dreads? But I like how you said the princess most values love I think that shows a lot.

  4. Paige! thats exactly what I learned!!!