Friday, October 2, 2009

topic sentence <(o_O)>

in the story "The lady or the tiger" a man accused of loving a princess is sentanced to choose between two doors. One containing a tiger the second containing a woman that if chosen the man will have to marry. once in the arena the man looks towards the princess and the princess gives him what door to pick. sence she values her love with the man the most she told him to pick the door with the tiger.

The princess values her love with the man. so she knows he would rather die then not be with her

I learned its ok to not know what you learned.


  1. good just mention the title of the story

  2. I like how you stated the emotions, maybe add a bit more of why you think she made the decision.

  3. Good Job!!! maybe you could add a bit more to catch the readers attention:)