Thursday, October 1, 2009

Princess's values

The Princess had two greatest values about her decision. One was her lover that was being sent in the kings arena, and the other is if she really want him to be with another women or have a brutal death.

REVISED: In the story, "The Lady or the Tiger," the princess values her own happiness more then seeing her lover belong to someone else.

What i learned from the comments is to just have more of a simple sentence instead of having everything cramped and trying to fit it all into one sentence.


  1. do u think she made him choose the door with the lady or the tiger? make your topic sentence one sentence (decision, one)

  2. Her lover wasn't really a value and you have two sentences but if you revise that it should be fine.

  3. Good point but which one,, do you think, she would rather have happen to her lover?